I'm Joel, a Southern California native, and active tech enthusiast.

tech stuff.

Throughout my endeavors, I've become familiar with a variety of programming languages and technologies including:

  • Software development
    • Linux Systems Administration
    • Bash/shell scripting
    • Vim
    • Git
    • Python
    • C++/C
    • Java/Android (some experience)
    • LaTeX
  • Web development
    • Full Stack with LAMP
    • Javascript/jQuery
    • Progressive Web Apps
      • PolymerJS
      • Service Workers
    • Node.js (some experience)
  • Embedded development
    • AVR
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Arduino
    • FreeRTOS (some experience)
    • Atmel Studio
    • CAN
    • USART, SPI

a bit more about me.

I've had a fascination with electronics as far back as I can remember. As a little boy, I was especially drawn to anything with flashing lights and sounds or anything that was remote-controlled. My favorite movies growing up were the Back to the Future trilogy, Short Circuit, and pretty much anything with techy gadgets and robots.

My interest shifted to computers around junior high when my parents brought home a desktop PC for my older sister and me. My curiosity guided me along an accelerated learning curve as I stayed up for hours trying to fix whatever damage I had done as a result of poking around in system files and registry settings before anyone would notice.

Automotive Industry

Toward the end of high school and for a few years thereafter, I became obsessed with car electronics and developed a career as an automotive electronics technician. In this industry, I held positions as an installation technician and technical trainer, and leadership roles including lead technician and department supervisor. During my career in mobile electronics, I self-studied and became certified as a MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) Master-level technician and an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) A6 certified technician. In addition, I was also invited by the Consumer Technology Association (formally Consumer Electronics Association) to be a contributing member to the MECP program as a credited contributing author to the MECP Advanced and MECP Master study guides and accompanying professional certification exams.

University of California, Riverside

Student organizations I contributed to in varying capacities ranging from workshop coordinator to club officer and beyond:

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    • 2017 Projects Manager
    • Internet of Things Workshops (Spring 2017)
    • Raspberry Pi Workshops (Winter 2017)
  • Association for Computing Machinery
    • 2016 Citrus Hack Sponsorship Committee
    • 2016 Hack Night Coordinator

Some relevant undergraduate coursework I've completed includes:

  • Computer Science (upper division)
    • CS100 - Software Construction
    • CS111 - Discrete Structures
    • CS141 - Intermediate Data Structures & Algorithms
    • CS150 - The Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
    • CS152 - Compiler Design
    • CS153 - Design of Operating Systems
    • CS161 - Design & Architecture of Computer Systems
    • CS183 - Systems Administration
    • CS120A - Logic Design
    • CS120B - Introduction to Embedded Systems
    • CS122A - Intermediate Embedded & Real-Time Systems
    • CS170 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    • CS190 - Entrepreneurship in Computing
    • CS165 - Computer Security
    • CS179F - Project in Computer Science (Operating Systems - Security: Exploitation and Defense)
  • Other
    • EE020 - Linear Methods for Engineering Analysis and Design using MATLAB
    • ENGR101I - Professional Development and Mentoring in Computer Science
    • ENGR180W - Technical Communications
    • STAT155 - Probability and Statistics for Science and Engineering